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Cornucopia Radio Podcast 65: Pod to Pluto
A scifi comedy audiodrama about taking a 4.67 billion mile trip to Pluto to go turn off a lightbulb.
Today is going to be the last day for Jemima working as a UK space engineer. Once she’s finished this final job on adult satellite , she’s taking the engineering-pod back to Command & Control for her leaving party. It’s going to be glorious. She’s going to make a funny yet poignant speech. People will cry and tell her that they’re going to miss her. She’ll be showered with gifts and then she’s going to Exeter with her boyfriend to start a new life! She’s forgotten to put any of this in her protocol diary, but that won’t matter; will it? This is a special one-off broadcast of our new #scifi #comedy #audiodrama. To listen to future episodes you’ll need to subscribe to the separate feed at
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An open platform for original audio drama and comedy from writers and performers across the world
Hello and welcome, we are ‘Cornucopia Radio’ and we make amazing audio! We’re an open platform for writers and performers; allowing anybody from anywhere in the world to create original sketch comedy, radio drama, monologues, streams of consciousness, documentaries and whatever else needs space to grow!!

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